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New Pics!!!
gelisa1 wrote in newchildren
Here are a few pics I uploaded on here for you guys,enjoy!!!

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(Deleted comment)
yeah,I know. Im so happy,hopefully we can get some more people to join and maybe into the band. I want to get their so cd so bad but I dont have the money.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much,now I can save my money to get ra ra riot's new cd. Thank you.

Yay, they are so cute (:
Btw, Hi I'm Rachel. It seems that there's like, nobody in this. Hopefully it can grow!

Thanks! I really need buy their CD...
I really hope this community grows to,but I think it will...

(Deleted comment)
wow didn't even notice that one... Thanks!

Just bought it off iTunes...I wanted a hard copy but I couldn't wait any's really great.

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